Global Warming: Typhoon Shifting (outline)

I. Introduction
   A. A recall on the typhoon Yolanda
   B. What is a typhoon
   C. How does the typhoon forms
   D. What causes stronger typhoons
II. Current Philippine status
   A. Introduction to the Philippine typhoon table showing how typhoons get stronger
   B. Discussion regarding the table
     • How can you know if the typhoon is stonger or weaker
     • Comparison between typhoons from the past years up to the present
     • Showing of images with the top 4 typhoons (Juan, Pedring, Pablo, and Sendong)
   C. Major solutions to lessen the typhoon strength
   D. Introduction of how Global Warming affect typhoons
III. Global Warming contributes to stronger typhoons
   A. What is the main cause of Global Warming
   B. Global Warming makes ocean surface temperature rise
   C. Warm ocean leads to stronger typhoons
IV. Conclusion
   A. Realization and reflection with regards to the current situation of the Earth


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